Kathleen Barber — writer, yoga enthusiast

Mind, body, spirit — did one element or another first draw you to yoga? That is, were you seeking to settle your mind? Have greater physical flexibility? Explore your true, spiritual nature?

body — my first classes were at a Crunch Fitness

How about now: does yoga feed your mind or your body or your spirit more, or are those elements more in balance than when you started?

things are generally more in balance — but there’s an ebb and a flow there

How long have you been practicing yoga?

off and on for more than ten years

How frequently do you practice yoga?

I aim for three times a week but sometimes life (namely, my small kids) gets in the way

What are the benefits of classes at a studio vs practicing yoga at home?

I love the community of a yoga studio — and I find that I challenge myself more in a classroom setting

Do you have a preferred yoga style?

Vinyasa, although I did my teacher training in Hatha

When you were starting out, what came easiest and what was more challenging?

the mind-body connection was most difficult for me at the start — I could move my body in the right shapes but didn’t feel it

What have been the greatest benefits of yoga for you?

everything! when I practice regularly, my entire body just works better

Apart from yoga, do you practice other techniques of mindfulness or meditation?

occasionally I try meditation but it never sticks

Do you regularly do other forms of exercise?


Outside of a yoga session, do you ever just strike a pose and stretch? If so, which pose(s) and where?

yes! Tree pose and Warrior III are my go-tos

If I gave you an expenses-paid yoga retreat, where would you go?


—interview © Marshal Zeringue